Same day approval

You qualify for same day payment IF

  • all submissions are FULLY and ACCURATELY COMPLETED
  • received no later than 10am
  • all security checks are passed.
Application forms MUST be signed by the client OR the authorised representative of the client. These forms give permission to do credit checks on the companies / directors / members / trustees etc.

Sole Proprietors

No one can sign any documentation on behalf of a Sole Proprietor this includes – but is not limited to – Credit application, Guarantee, Release Note, Master Rental Agreement, Annexure to the MRA etc.

The Sole Proprietor must sign all documents him/herself.

Should an existing client require additional funding or an additional contract, and the application from the active contract is older than 3 months, we will require a new credit application.
FICA – the Financial Intelligence Centre Act was implemented to combat money laundering, which is the abuse of financial systems in order to hide and / or disguise the proceeds of crime.

By submitting the required FICA documents with your credit application, you will avoid delays in receiving payment. The documents we require are

  • ID copies of all shareholders and signatories
  • Letterhead confirming installation address and / or Utility bill not older than 3 months
  • Bank stamped Confirmation of bank account
  • Signature verification (for Sole Proprietors) – this can be any document with the clients signature that does NOT relate to the finance transaction.