At Centrafin we pride ourselves on enabling companies with the financial freedom to pursue growth opportunities in the technological landscape – thus removing barriers to entry as a result of economic climate and cash flow restrictions or procedures.


We have become aware of loans offered using Centrafin’s name. Please note it is fraudulent. Do not reply.

• Loan solicitation is not in our marketing strategy – we will never approach you and offer you a loan.

• We also do not offer personal loans.

• We will not change our Bank details

To learn more about this and other fraud scams and how you can protect yourself, please click on this link


Centrafin applies the Alviva Groups' values as contained in the Code of Conduct. Over and above those group wide values, Centrafin's distinctive values are captured in its mantra:

Rapid Reliable Responsive


Our vision is to be a specialist asset finance house and an authority on asset finance in South Africa.
This will be achieved through the delivery of services that are distinctly Rapid, Reliable and Responsive.


Centrafin's mission is to deliver innovative, unrivalled services, thereby facilitating growth of businesses, which frees up business owners from the restrictions placed upon them by the slow moving, inflexible behaviour of larger lenders.